Permanent Straightening

Your favorite hair salon, KASHEE’S MEN SALON, offers rebounding service for creating silky-smooth, straight hair . This gentle-acting, long-lasting, hair straightening service works wonderfully to tame even the most rebellious hair. It’s permanent straightening that relaxes curls and manages waves – resulting in straight, sleek hair.

Men’s Relaxing
Some men find their hair is hard to control and difficult to style because of its natural thickness and texture. As an alternative to using hair straightening irons every day, we are able to offer you a more permanent way of achieving smoother, manageable hair. Effective on short or mid-length hair it gives impressive results. And it is especially effective on wavy hair in sideburns and on the nape of the neck. This ‘hair relaxer’ treatment requires no heat, takes 45 minutes to one hour, is quick to apply and can be used on all hair types.
To achieve waves, curls and volume, our hair stylists are able to use a number of advanced hair waving products that can result in modern, subtle and above all, natural results – and enable your curled or waved hairstyle to last long time. Gentle, soft, flowing and natural looking waves can be created to enhance a haircut or add texture to the hair. Volume and movement can also add body to lifeless hair and aids in creating styling variations
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